The EAQA Code of Practice ensures that all of our member agencies comply with the high standards that the association represents.

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EAQA Code of Practice

The following articles of the EAQA Code of Practice apply to both Full and Associate members of the Association:

  1. The agency should be registered as a legal entity and not self-employed.
  2. The agency should have all governmental licenses needed to operate and be VAT registered (when applicable).
  3. The agency should respect national and international laws, and cannot be involved in any form of non-legal practice within governmental institutions, human rights and embassies.
  4. The agency should have an operational office, with at least 1 functional manager/director/owner and one full-time qualified employee who is able to provide response in English language as well within 48 hours, and have an emergency line 24/7.
  5. The operation office should cover the minimum standards of operation as per national law (safety, technology, lightening, equipments, and real address).
  6. The agency should have a traceable history of business operations and clients, and be open to provide information.
  7. The agency should be financially secure and open to provide information during live assessments from the association in an annual basis.
  8. The agency has to act with honesty, transparency and openness when communicating about themselves, their partner institutions, and potential students in written, verbal or any other indirect form.
  9. The agency should have a functional up-to-date website, with English section and it should include sufficient information (history, partnerships, programs, affiliations, fees, activities and photos) and the contact information should be correct and easily found.
  10. The agency should be able to provide overview of offered programs or program description available on the website.
  11. The agency should keep formally written declarations and agreements with clients, signed terms and conditions for their partners, and follow formats of confirmations to secure and prove their operations anytime.
  12. The agency should be able to provide information, assist and prepare clients about services needed to have on a program abroad, such as flights, transportation, accommodation, health insurance, visa application, program renewal, reporting, emergency contact and cultural shock.
  13. The agency should respect the terms and conditions stated on the school agreement, should keep contacts with every partners, and should act fairly when promoting them.
  14. The agency should secure the payments to be delivered before student´s arrival, if not stated otherwise in contract with partner school.
  15. The agency should be true and open in fees promoted and operations followed.
  16. The agency cannot be involved in practices to unfair competition between partners, clients and other agencies.
  17. The agency should screen the applicants thoroughly and truthfully for their chosen program, and offer them a feedback possibility after program is completed.

Those who comply with following articles of EAQA Code of Practice qualify for Full Members:

  1. The staff should be appropriately qualified and experienced. At least one should be able to speak English as a minimum for the decision maker/manager/director/owner
  2. The Agency should have at least one active employee who has passed a recognized Agent Training Course
  3. The Agency should have at least one employee who attended Familiarization Trips of any of their partner schools or has visited in person partner schools.
  4. The agency has participated in one of the recognized international workshops, fairs and conferences of education in the world.
  5. Website of the Agency should provide testimonials, not older than 24 months (videos, articles, photos).
  6. The agency should actively provide printed brochures or online catalogues to perspective clients.
  7. The agency should secure the rights of using logos or names of partners or associations.
  8. The agency should be involved in conferences, activities, associations, or entities about students and youth in its country of origin. This will create an image and active profile to the targeted audience and will enable them to continually develop inside and outside its country of origin.
  9. The agency should be insured to face any problems occurring.
  10. The agency is to be registered in the chamber of commerce or any other relevant institution and/or association within their country of origin, if such exists.
  11. The agency has to get registered in the Trade Offices of the Embassies or Trade Cooperation Units (where and when required) of countries they do business/visa applications with, as well as get contacts for reporting/updating/securing information to third parties units (in between the agency and Offices).
  12. The agency should report any bad practice of association members within or out of EAQA to Secretariat.
  13. Despite Agency’ Trading Name, if there is more than one unit (headquarter) of the member Agency, the membership of each unit outside the origin country will be dealt separately and will be subject to all the rules and Code of Practice of the Association, independently. It is each unit’s task and requirement to apply for acknowledgment and membership. Written consent will be provided adequately from the Association.