Membership Benefits

    Members should communicate with the EAQA Secretariat, which serves as the central coordinating office.

    EAQA will assist members with development of PR, raising member´s profile, public awareness and demand. Members have an opportunity to be actively involved in the management of the Association by electing representatives to serve in the Board.

Membership Certificate
As a concrete proof of their quality, agencies receive a membership certificate, valid for one year. Member agencies have also right to use EAQA logo.

Market Intelligence
EAQA intends to provide research, surveys and to monitor the market. The Association will then offer current, accurate and reliable information for the benefit of members. Members have access to regular market intelligence reports. This should also help to the product developments matters for the region and members. Member agencies have also access to industry news via newsletter and industry publications.

Knowledge sharing platforms and trading opportunities
EAQA will ensure development of their members through organizing various training programs, workshops, webinars and conference sessions that enhance skills, knowledge and professional competencies of its members and offers opportunity to visit various forums, seminars, expositions and conferences with discounts on the fees. EAQA will ensure adaptation of members to the recent changes in the sector and will give opportunity to all members to meet foreign schools and gain better business position.

Familization Trips (FAM Trips)
EAQA wants to assure more opportunities for its members to attend familization trips with potential business partners. EAQA will inform members about possible FAM trips of educators in order to enable overall overview for their benefit.

Relations with Embassies and Governments and Tourism Boards
EAQA aims to establish and support relations with embassies, governments and inter/national tourism boards in order to promote the quality mark of EAQA members and ensure a better market position for members of the Association.