English Australia represents over 120 member colleges throughout Australia that provide quality English language programs to students and professionals from around the world. English Australia represents Australia’s leading English language colleges. Their member colleges provide the best English language programs because they:

Deliver the highest quality English language teaching All English Australia Member Colleges must adhere to both National Standards and to the English Australia Code of Conduct which aims to elevate performance standards to even higher levels. Teachers must have specialist qualifications and ongoing training and development, curriculum must be tailored and frequently reviewed and teaching methods are adapted to fit the needs of students. In addition, English Australia supports member colleges with the professional development of staff through conferences, training, journals, best practice guides and action research programs.

Provide the highest quality support services Students have access to quality orientation, homestay and social programs to help them feel safe and secure in their environment. All English Australia Member Colleges provide detailed information to support students with all aspects of their lifestyle including living arrangements, climate, cuisine, customs, medical and travel arrangements and lifestyle options.

Assure tuition protection for all students All students of English Australia Member Colleges are protected in the unlikely case of a college closure. In addition to Australian legislation that protects the tuition fees of all student visa holders, English Australia also guarantees to place students with other visas into other colleges if their college is unable to deliver their course. No other country offers the same level of protection for tuition fees of international students as Australia. The ESOS Act 2000 protects students on student visas. English Australia protects students with other visas.

English Australia keeps agents informed regarding all aspects of English language study in Australia. They provide the latest statistics, trends, news items, visa updates, regulatory updates and survey results to assist you with your study decisions. Agents can sign up now to receive free updates.